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Took down the contact area because we mostly just got spam from it. Email nhajal at gmail if you need to get in touch.

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  • winnie

    a new person

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  • Betzali Diaz Soto

    Yes, but I don´t understand very much

  • Betzali Diaz Soto

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  • Baby Daisy

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  • Wallace

    How to use it? I do not understand^

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  • sandy

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  • vivian

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  • miden

    where the tab for translating??

  • sherry

    is a good tool.

  • Claudia

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  • Jenny LEE

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  • Jimmy

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  • emma wang

    how i use the system ,i can not understand

  • Limy Chen

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  • ZhangKai

    where can translate?

  • nanalia

    i translate this in google,but still can’t understand.

    Novia tiene como u dame el valor en
    reales de bienes Brasil _____ ver si entendir____90 coste de envío es de 3.31
    dólares por las PC ___,,, lo siento por el entendimiento

  • panda12345

    I also don’t know how to log in

  • Demi L

    how to use this website to translate

  • Cocoqin

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  • Yvonne Xin

    Hallo, my name is Yvonne, I Learned 2 years German.You can also communicate with me in German. My skype name is xin.yvonne.

  • Grace Li

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  • Rita.zhang

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  • suhuajin

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  • lisa

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  • Cindy Tu


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  • Mdm samm

    HI, I have joined you but I am not quite sure where I find translator for English to Russian. please help

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  • Owen

    Could you speek Chinese?

  • Owen

    Here I am very glad to meet you

  • Owen

    i think you can speak Chinese,right?

  • aligamer

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  • Tony Yuan

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